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nicole elizabeth

life of a college student

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my bio needs a revamp and i'll do it later

12, 13 going on 30, 1980s, 1986, 2.12.1986, 2004, 8 simple rules, a sense of humor, ae clothes, alan jackson, american eagle outfitters, amethyst, amy, animals, anime, anime conventions, anime music, architectural history, architectural photography, architecture, art, art history, autism, ayumi hamasaki, baton rouge, beethoven, birkenstocks, bubbles, bugs bunny, butterflies, card captor sakura, carebears, cats, ccr, charlie brown, cheese, chobits, chococat, christmas, class of 2004, classical music, country music, dancing, daria, digital photography, disney, drawing, ducky, er, even stevens, february, february 12, finding nemo, fruits basket, golden girls, good charlotte, growing pains, guys, gymnastics, hamtaro, harry potter, hello kitty, history, hot topic, i love the 80s, ice cream, individuality, ipods, j-pop, japan, josh groban, judging amy, judith barsi, katherine, kiki's delivery service, kittens, laptops, laser tag, lifetime movies, lilo and stitch, looney tunes, lord of the rings, louisiana, louisiana state university, love hina, lsu, lsu baseball, lsu football, lsu gymnastics, lsu sports, lsu tigers, lsu's architecture, magic knight rayearth, megan, megumi hayashibara, monty python, mozart, music, my birthday, my cellphone, my friends, my saturn, neopets, nicole, ojamajo doremi, orlando bloom, painting, peanuts comic strip, photography, piano, pickles, pictures, pirates of the caribbean, pixar, pizza, pochacco, popples, powerpuff girls, princess mononoke, punky brewster, puppies, purple and gold, rainbow brite, razr v3, rocko's modern life, sailor moon, saint tail, salute your shorts, sanrio, schlitterbahn, ship island, shopping, shrek, sixteen candles, snoopy, spaghetti, spirited away, spongebob squarepants, strawberry shortcake, the beach, the land before time, the sims, tigers, tom and jerry, unsolved mysteries, , , , , 日本語

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